"Music Starts With A Feeling"

Momentology is the multifaceted electronic music project of DJ, instrumentalist, performer & producer Patrick Kiebzak. Momentology music synergizes rich layers of organic soundscapes & live instrumentation blended in a lush forest of deep bass, dance beats, vibrational healing frequencies, and indigenous wisdom.

Since 2005 Patrick has been strumming his guitar, slapping the bass, pounding on drums, and peacefully sitting at his computer for hours at a time to create the perfect blend of sounds and energies all while rehearsing for what is now known as Momentology Music. Since walking on the musical path, he has been a DJ, a bass player in 5 bands, a producer for 2 of them, and the dual role of being both a DJ & bass player in one. These bands performed multi-genre music ranging from  jam-rock, metal, jazz, dubstep, psychedelic infused funktronica, and everything in-between.

As Momentology, Patrick has performed at festivals & events around the US, sharing stages with DJ’s and producers Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Bluetech, Living Light, The Human Experience, Drumspyder, EarthCry, Numatik, and more. Momentology has accompanied Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Empowerment workshops, classes, and retreats. Patrick also regularly hosts and collaborates with others to facilitate Ecstatic dances.

Patrick produces, remixes, and features a plethora of lyricists, instrumentalists, indigenous wisdom keepers, & sound alchemists both locally and remotely in studio productions, and on stage as performers. These collaborations, remixes, and features include DJ Taz Rashid, Srikalogy, Porangui, Liquid Bloom (Amani of Desert Dwellers), Kalibri, Patrick Haize, David Weber, Little Star, ALOKA, Jessica Om, Spaceship Earth, Jeffrey Dean, Kevin Walton/Source Radiance, Doug Tessler, Mr. Malone, Brian Ritter/Cosmic Mirror, Aaron Erickson/Aaronanada, Alvaro Santamaria, Luz A. Duque, Joe Tedesco (EARBUDS), Xavier Hawk/Thunderbird, Moses Love, James Uqualla, Jen Rose, Sarah Solstice, Sarah Naia Soleil, Jessica Sirena, Lady Love, Adrian Justin Dimatteo, Tecia Linville, Joda Cook, Pranava, and David Andrew Rodriguez. Patrick continues to widen his musical repertoire, cultural & genre diversity, and production skills by regularly working with both upcoming and experienced artists.

It is a vision of Patrick’s to utilize Momentology Music as a platform for both himself and others to thrive in a musical context. Whether it be at his home studio, mobile studio, on stage at a festival, or during a yin yoga class, Patrick brings forth a musical melting pot of cross-cultural energies, eclectic & world instruments and messages rooted in indigenous wisdom, self-care & creative empowerment, all intentionally woven into beautiful, funky, and sometimes dirty dance beats.